Growing up in the southwest region of the united states I want to share one of my favorite you tube channels that played a role in inspiring me to start this blog.

I grew up in central Arizona, so the Grand Canyon was just a short drive away and offers some of the greatest views, adventures, hikes, overnights, and river rafting experiences someone could ever imagine. Depending on the season I have hiked grand canyon when it is hotter than 100 degrees, and I have hiked Grand Canyon in the snow. Below is a gallery of some of my experiences around the Grand Canyon.

As you can see from the pictures above, it is easy to see why I fell in love with nature and became hooked on experiencing new peaks with new views. Regardless of what happens in my life, I can find peace while out on the trails. One of my earliest Spring break memories as a kid was camping with my family.

One of the days we were completing a hike along the northern rim of he grand canyon and we passed through the Supai Tunnel. It was Spring and it rained on us turning the trail into a muddy red paste difficult to hike in and slippery when walking down hill. On the way back up the trail and passing through the Supai Tunnel again I had the experience of a life time. We were half way in the tunnel when we noticed a herd of deer entering the tunnel on the other side. Nervously I said, “Dad”.

He responded, literally by saying, Oh shit. Haha we both laughed but I quickly became nervous again. What were we going to do. The side of the trail was a huge cliff and my guess was the deer had no more interest in going off the side than we did. My dad told me to lean up against the tunnel wall and not move. his hopes were that the deer would feel unthreatened and pass by inside the tunnel. One by one the deer rain by us until he last deer suddenly emboldened by the safety of the first three deer walked straight up to us and sniffed my jacket. I thought he was going to bite me until he suddenly walked away. Crazy right. I have literally been touched by a wild deer.

Most of my hiking experiences are not this exciting, but you never know when a regular day hike turns into the memory of a lifetime.