Hiking Kentucky

I grew up in Arizona, but my moms family was from Kentucky, home of the blue grass. One of my favorite hikes as a kid was a hike called Dog Slaughter Falls. I loved the hike because we would take our dog with us, but I can recall the very first time we went on this hike that I was scared our dog Mollie would get hurt.

This was a fairly easy hike, but as a kid having the waterfall at the end just seemed magical to me. As a girl I was a combo of a princess and a tom boy mixed into one. I love Disney’s little mermaid, but I also loved playing rough with the boys and holding my own. So this scary title to the hike partnered with the angelic waterfall at the end made this an early childhood favorite of mine. In the warm summers of Kentucky, we would jump into the water to cool off and enjoy the pool before making the return trip home.